cantina laredo – destin, FL



I hardly ever want Mexican. I feel like it’s all kind of the same everywhere, but Nikki said she was craving it. We saw an ad for Cantina Laredo on the restaurant channel in our hotel room. I looked it up, and it seemed to have good reviews and was on the way to where we were going, so it seemed like a good fit.

It’s located at the Grand Boulevard complex at Sandestin, near P.F. Chang’s and Publix and all that.

Nikki got the chicken fajitas. I didn’t taste them, but she said they were good.

 chicken fajitas

I ordered fish tacos. They messed up my order somehow, but the mistake was corrected pretty quickly.

The tacos were OK, but certainly not the best I’ve had. And they weren’t really dressed individually, so they were kind of messy and hard to eat. It was hard to tell where one ended and the next one began.

fish tacos

Overall the location at Grand Boulevard Sandestin was convenient and sitting outside was nice, but ultimately the food just served the purpose of filling us up and keeping us going. In the Destin area, we suggest La Paz for Mexican dining.

Cantina Laredo on Urbanspoon

585 Grand Blvd. #105N
Destin, FL 32550



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