fox bros. bbq – atlanta, GA



It was the first full day of our trip to North Carolina to see my brother receive his master’s degree from NC State. We had spent the night in the Birmingham area with family and wanted to time things out to hit Atlanta for lunch. We succeeded…


Fox Bros. is basically, from what we can tell, the most famous and popular BBQ restaurant in Atlanta. So instead of spending time trying to find a hole in the wall, we figured we’d go straight to the top and see what the hype was about.


Fox Bros. is a fairly spacious place in the Little Five Points neighborhood. The menu is pretty extensive and offers staples like pulled pork and mac-n-cheese but also more offbeat stuff like chicken fried ribs, smoked bologna sandwiches, “burgers” made with chopped brisket, even salads and veggie sandwich options.

We decided to split the Everything Plate ($24.95) to get a sampling of the various meats. You can choose 4 meats and 2 sides. We opted for the pulled pork, ribs, chopped brisket, and smoked chicken quarter with fried okra and mac-n-cheese.


This is what they bring you right before they bring your food. It’s fitting… not to mention hospitable.


Nikki’s favorite was the brisket. Mine was the pulled pork. The chicken was also really really good. Well smoked, seasoned, sauced. Can’t go wrong with any of the three.

The okra was different from what we’re accustomed to. As you can see, it’s not completely covered by the breading and is longer and crunchier than most. The menu claims that the okra at Fox Bros. is fresh and never frozen. I always appreciate that, but personally I’d rather have what I know, the perfectly fried little okra cubes.


I was actually a little disappointed by the ribs, of all things. They had a decent smoked flavor, I just found them to be not that meaty and juicy. (We’ve been ruined by Tilmo’s in Mobile.)


I like how “TiffanyB” had the stones to tell us what we’re going to have next time. Not a question… this was a statement. It’s cool, TiffanyB. No worries. We like banana pudding.


All in all, this was one of the better BBQ places we’ve visited so far, in the same league as places like Saw’s (Birmingham) and the Brick Pit (Mobile).

My gripes are few and are small. I was in Atlanta to record music 10+ years ago, and I was excited for Nikki to see what I remember of the Little Five Points area, but it never happened. When we got to Fox Bros., I realized we weren’t quite in the middle of everything. We never saw The Vortex or Criminal Records… Apparently we were just a little southeast of all that. So if you go, know that it’s not in the middle of all the tattoo parlors and thrift shops, but a short walk will land you there if that’s what you’re into. And if that’s not what you’re into, know that Fox Bros. is a sufficient distance from all the hipsters.

Looking back, being isolated was a blessing in disguise, since we had about 6 more hours of driving left before reaching the Raleigh area and needed to get back on the road with no distractions. We look forward to coming back, sampling more BBQ and more of Atlanta in general.

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

1238 Dekalb Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


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