summer scoops – summerdale, AL



So the splash pad was a success. No meltdowns or freakouts, even when we left.

We had promised the kids ice cream, so barring some catastrophe, we had to get ice cream. Truth be told, we probably would’ve gotten ice cream even if we hadn’t had any kids with us. We love ice cream.


Summerdale is a quaint little town of about 1,000 residents located between Robertsdale and Foley. To be so small, it packs quite a punch in the tourism department.

Summerdale is home to Alligator Alley, which we’ve already written about and loved. It’s also home to a spear hunting museum. Also, interestingly enough, there are plans in the works to build what is reported to be the largest cross in the western hemisphere… in Summerdale.

The Summer Scoops ice cream shop is one of the other high points. It sits right in the heart of town, within walking distance of the library, the police station, the fire department, and a community ball park. It offers a small outdoor seating area, but we had been outside for a while already. I’m sure it’s nice at night maybe in September, but not for us on this particular afternoon.


The interior is fairly roomy and has a ’50s diner feel to it. The staff is very friendly and inviting.


I didn’t count the exact number of flavors, but it’s probably around 20. They feature Mayfield ice cream, which I was a little disappointed about. I prefer that ice cream shoppes make their own ice cream in house. I mean I can go to Winn-Dixie and buy Mayfield ice cream myself… but anyway…


In addition to ice cream, they also serve burgers and sandwiches, and judging by their Facebook page, they do custom cakes as well.


Nikki went with Blueberry Cream Pie, which is a little out of our normal box. She didn’t really care for it… which is funny because usually I’m the one who orders something weird and doesn’t like it.


Below is my creation. That’s Black Walnut on the bottom and Extreme Moose Tracks on the bottom. Both were amazing, a pleasant surprise. I was really impressed with the taste and quality of the ice cream. We never think to buy Mayfield, but we might have to consider it now.


Scoops in Gulf Shores has more of a sentimental value to it for us, but Summer Scoops may just be straight up better. It’s also off the beaten path a little, so if you’re craving something cold and sweet but don’t want to deal with the Gulf Shores crowd, Summer Scoops is perfect.

Summer Scoops on Urbanspoon

105 NW 1st Street
Summerdale, AL 36580


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